Clarinet Antigua Backun Nickel Keys
    Country of Manufacture Bodies made in Canada by Backun - Keys made in Asia Body Material: Premium Aged Grenadilla Bore: CNC Machined Complex Bore with Undercut & Detailed Tone Holes Keys: Power Forged Nickel Silver Keys - Silver Plated Barrel: Custom Backun Made Bell: Custom Backun...
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    MSRP: $1,649.00
    Uptempo Price $1,199.00
    Clarinet Backun Beta SilverKeys
    The Backun Beta is an intermediate wooden clarinet for those taking the first leap into playing grenadilla. The Backun Beta offers exceptional tone, uncompromising craftsmanship and an affordable price, all in one outstanding instrument. Crafted from premium, aged granadilla wood, with Silver...
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    MSRP: $1,820.00
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    Clarinet Buffet E11 Nickel German
    Free blowing, fine tuning and a high quality hand finish, with a strong heritage. Constructed by traditional methods, combining technology and experience. Manufactured by Buffet Crampon, in specially dedicated German workshops in Markneukirchen. ----------------------------- Body: African...
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    MSRP: $2,010.00
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    Clarinet Buffet E12F Wood Intermediate
    Buffet Crampon E12 France Intermediate Bb Clarinet •Key: Bb •Pitch: 442 Hz •Body: unstained African Blackwood, treated and lacquered for optimal protection •Bore: concept developed with Buffet Crampon expertise •Keys: 17 •Rings: 6 •Thumb rest:...
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    MSRP: $2,440.00
    Uptempo Price $1,830.00
    Clarinet Buffet Limite Bb
    •Handcrafted From Select African Black Wood •Silver Plated Keys •Newly Designed Adjustable Thumb Rest •Poly-Cylindrical Bore •Undercut Tone Holes •Conical Pad Cups •Solid Metal Bell Ring •5 Year Warranty •Deluxe Case .. The Limite'...
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    MSRP: $4,358.00
    Uptempo Price $2,795.00
    Clarinet Buffet R13 Silver 66MM Barrel
    This clarinet is one of Buffet Crampon’s historic models. Created in 1955 by Robert Carrée, the R13 clarinet was a big hit in the United States and still meets with unprecedented success. Its tone is focused and rich, and it is powerful in all registers. Its flexibility lends itself to...
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    MSRP: $6,038.00
    Uptempo Price $3,621.00
    Clarinet Buffet Tradition
    Featuring a cylindrical bore design, the new Buffet Tradition clarinet harkens back to the purity of sound produced by the BC20, with a tone hole placement inspired by the Tosca design. The result is an instrument that presents a clear, focused, rich sound suitable for any acoustic environment...
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    MSRP: $7,319.00
    Uptempo Price $4,489.00
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