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No Obligation

You may cancel your rental at any time by simply returning your
your instrument to the store.

Early Pay Discount

You may pay off your instrument early at any time and we will reduce your balance by 25%.

Auto Pay Requirements

We require the monthly payment to be made with either a bank debit or major credit card. You will enroll your card(s) during the rental process.

We prefer to have both a credit and debit card on file. This makes it seamless during those times when expiration dates expire or cards are in the process of being replaced. 

If you wish not to enroll a credit card, it may be necessary for us to collect more information in order to approve the rental. 


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Switch or Step Up

Switch: If your child switches band instruments, we will apply your past payments to the new instrument. The same applies to orchestra instruments. Rent equity may not however be transferred between band and orchestra instruments.

Step Up Instruments: In the event you wish to get your child an intermediate or professional level instrument before their current one is paid off, we will apply 100% of your rent equity to "Step Up" to a higher performance instrument! 


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