Hand Drum

  • Bongos Stagg 200N Natural
    Bongos Stagg 200N Natural

    Stagg BW 200 N Latin Wooden Bongo's feature heavy duty chromed steel rims complete with tuning wrench, and rubber grip feet for sturdy use on any surface.

    These bongos are great for the beginner or percussive student who wants a good pair of drums for general practice or frequent jamming use. The drums can be easily and precisely tuned with the included tuning key.

    The head's are replaceable if required, and measure 6.5" and 7.5" in diameter.


    • 6.5-Inch and 7.5-Inch
    • Heavy duty chromed steel rims and bottoms
    • Includes tuning wrench
    • Cowhide head
    • Shells: Wood Construction
    • Rims and bottoms: Steel
    • Natural Wood Finish
    • Perfect for Beginner or Intermediate players
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  • Darbuka Meinl 14.5 Black Engraved
    Darbuka Meinl 14.5 Black Engraved
    MEINL Darbukas are made in the tradition of the original, esoteric goblet-shaped drums found in music from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Southern Asia. Our darbukas are constructed from thin shells in various metals, each metal giving the different models their special timbre. The head is secured and tuned with external rings set close to the shell, in the Turkish-Style. Light yet powerful, the darbukas have a deep full bass. They are well suited for high-pitched snapping sounds as well as a wide range of articulated "doum" and "tak" strokes.
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