Effects And Pedals

  • Effects Pedal John Petrucci Dreamscape
    Effects Pedal John Petrucci Dreamscape
    TC Electronic Dreamscape John Petrucci Signature Modulation Pedal Features: Modulation pedal with six signature tones designed by John Petrucci (Dream Theater) TonePrint technology lets you download additional presets created by Orianthi, John 5, and others Chorus, flanger, and vibrato effects Custom voicing switch gives you three flavors of tone - bright, normal, and dark Stereo or mono operation
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  • Effects Whirlwind Compressor Red
    Effects Whirlwind Compressor Red
    Whirlwind Rochester Red Box Compressor The Whirlwind Red Box Compressor is a true classic and can be heard in almost every great rock recording of the 70s and 80s. The Red Box compressor pedal is best known for its crisp percussive attack when applied to a clean guitar as well as it lush rich sustain when soloing.
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  • Effects Whirlwind Distortion Gold
    Effects Whirlwind Distortion Gold
    Handwired Distortion Effects Pedal Made in the U.S.A. Features a 9-volt AC Adapter Input 100 percent True Bypass Designed by Michael Laicona, Co-founder of MXR
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  • Power Supply 9V Snark
    Power Supply 9V Snark
    Can power 5 pedals per daisy, up to 15 pedals Save money on batteries! Supplies a sure and steady voltage that won't effect your pedals tone Zero hum proprietary noise filtering for absolute silent operation
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  • Tuner D'Addario Pedal
    Tuner D'Addario Pedal
    D'Addario Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal - Slim, small-footprint, accurate tuner is a high-value addition to your setup 32-bit processing and wide calibration range ensure fast, accurate readings High-visability, full-color display is easy to read at all ambient light levels True-bypass wiring for clean, transparent signal transmission when not tuning Aluminum enclosure stands up to tour abuse and enthusiastic performances Can be powered by the included 9V battery or optional 9V external power supply
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  • VoiceTone R1 Vocal Reverb Stompbox
    VoiceTone R1 Vocal Reverb Stompbox
    VoiceTone R1, professional reverb effect. Switch between a range of reverb types and use the Wet/Dry knob to dial in just the right amount. The VoiceTone R1 gives you the flexibility to change your sound on the fly. Features: Reverb pedal for vocalists Connects between your mic and mixer High-quality signal path and tough enclosure Can be chained to additional VoiceTone Singles Optional microphone offers a unique way to switch on/off effects
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