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Manufacturer Part #:  KTN110B
BOSS Katana-110 Bass 1x10-inch 60-watt Combo Amp 1 x 10-inch, 60W bass combo amp delivers wide-ranging tone for all occasions Single custom 10-inch speaker with a high-frequency tweeter on/off switch delivers powerful low-end 3 selectable amp voicings: Vintage (warm, full-bodied tone), Modern (punchy, clearer tone), and Flat (flat-frequency EQ) Shape switch lets you dial in mid-scoop, bright, and extended range tone characters Pad button for additional attenuation 4-band EQ with bass, low-mid, high-mid, and treble controls; low- and high-mid buttons engage respective controls 4 independent EQ sections: Comp, Drive, and FX1/FX2 Blend control mixes in dry signal to taste 6 user presets stored as Memories for instant tonal recall Tone Setting section with CH 1/2/3 and Panel buttons Power Control goes from full power to 1W and Standby operation USB and Phones/Rec Out with cab sim allows for silent playing and easy recording BOSS Tone Studio editor software deeply customizes your effects and amp settings


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SKU:  ae00-13583^KTN110B
Manufacturer Part #:  KTN110B
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