Metronome Matrix MR-500

Features: Easy and accurate operation Convenient pocket size design Light: Red LED for visual beat indication Speaker: For audible beat indication Tempo Selector Dial: "Click" operation for tempo settings Tempo Dial Indicator: 40-208 bpm scale Pitch Standard: 440Hz (A4) 3-Way Switch: Sound with Light/Off/Light only Ear Phone Jack: Cuts off speaker sound for earphone only listening Folding Stand: Positions unit for convenient operation Specifications: Tempo: Range 40-208 beats/minute Beat Indication: Click sound and/or Red LED light Pitch Standard: Frequency, 440Hz (A4) IC Accuracy: ± 0.05% Power: 9V Battery (Not Included) Dimensions: Approx. 4" X 2.25" X 1.25" Weight: 3.4 oz Personal Single Earphone Included
Metronome Matrix MR-500
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