Trumpet Rent to Own
  • All instruments are band director approved.

  • 100% of your base rent payment goes toward the purchase of the instrument.

  • ZERO INTEREST - with zero interest you will save considerable money. We might be the only rental program in the country that is interest free.

  • Rental periods are one month. Uptempo will set up a recurring auto payment using the credit or debit card you provide. Once the instrument is paid off or you return it, the payments will stop.

  • Cancel - You may cancel at any time. Simply return the instrument.

  • If your child switches instruments, all your payments will transfer.  

  • With our repair and maintenance program, you don't have to worry about accidental damage or unexpected repair costs.

  • Wherever you choose to get an instrument, the most important thing is that it can be serviced by a local shop. Many budget horns from the internet are not serviceable.  

  • Instruments are like cars. They need regular periodic servicing to work properly. When a quality instrument is maintained, it can last for many years.