Rent to Own 

  • Monthly rental payments go toward the purchase of the instrument. There is no interest.

  • 100% of the base rent goes toward the purchase price of the instrument.

  • Rental periods are one month in duration. Uptempo Music will set up a recuring auto payment using the credit or debit card(s) you provided. Payment will automatically be collected each month until the instrument is either returned or all payments have been made.

  • Cancel: You may cancel at any time, with no obligation to pay off. The rental agreement is cancelled when the instrument is returned to Uptempo Music or picked up by an Uptempo representative.

  • Switch: If your child switches band instruments, we will apply your past payments to the new band instrument. The same applies to orchestra instruments. Rent equity may not be transferred between band and orchestra instruments

  • Step Up Instruments: In the event you wish to get your child an intermediate or professional level instrument before their current one is paid off, we will apply 100% of your rent equity to "Step Up" to a higher quality instrument! 

Rent band and orchestra instruments now
Repair and Maintenance 

  • Maintenance and Repair - Covers appropriate repairs and adjustments to keep the instrument in proper playing condition.

  • Loaner instruments will be provided free of charge while your instrument is being repaired.

  • Whether you need routine servicing or repair due to an accident, you will have no additional charges. Uptempo will cover the costs of all repairs.

  • You will have Zero $0.00 additional out of pocket expense for any repairs as long as your account is in good standing.