Effects And Pedals

  • Effects Pedal Flashback Mini Delay
    Effects Pedal Flashback Mini Delay
    TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay Pedal Features: Mono delay pedal for electric guitar A wide range of delay effects TonePrint gives you instant access to custom pedal-tweaks made by top performing guitarists Feedback, delay, and FX level controls let your sculpt your delay sound any way you like True bypass preserves your tone Extra-small footprint saves precious pedalboard space High-quality components Road-ready desig
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  • Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus Pedal
    Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus Pedal
    BOSS CEB-3 Bass Chorus Pedal Features: Specifically designed for bass applications Low-filter knob to avoid muddiness Stereo or mono outputs From subtle detuning to rich, spacious chorus AC adapter or 9V battery operation 5-year warranty
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  • Boss OD-1X Overdrive Special Edition
    Boss OD-1X Overdrive Special Edition
    Special Edition BOSS Pedal with Premium Tone The OD-1X launches the famous BOSS overdrive into a modern era of expression, delivering an unmatched level of performance for guitarists with an ear for tone. This next-generation stomp combines over 35 years of innovation in pedal design with the most advanced technologies, bringing you a completely new tonal experience that’s only possible with the legendary expertise of BOSS. Prepare to be amazed—the inspiring and ultra-responsive OD-1X will change your thinking about overdrive pedals forever. Features: Special edition BOSS overdrive pedal with next-generation sound, feel, and response All-new design provides a superior playing experience that’s unattainable with analog overdrive pedals Powerful real-time processing delivers rich, wide-range sounds with natural compression Bold, high-definition tone that’s also smooth and refined Preserves the unique tonal characteristics of different guitars and pickup types Very low noise, even with high-gain settings Drive, High, and Low knobs offer a wide range of sound shaping not found in typical stompbox pedals Striking appearance with exclusive chrome knobs and control plate, plus vintage silver knob for battery compartment access Features BOSS’ innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP), realized with proprietary technology and custom DSP BOSS five-year warranty
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  • Effect Dunlop M115 Distortion III
    Effect Dunlop M115 Distortion III
    The Distortion III sets a new benchmark in distortion tone and quality. Developed from the ground up using carefully selected components, the D-III delivers everything from sweet singing overdrive to massive distortion crunch! Its natural and amp-like distortion is versatile enough to appeal to any playing style and transparent enough to let your guitar's personality shine through. Power: Dunlop ECB003 AC Adapter or Single 9 volt battery
    Regular Price: $99.99
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  • Boss FS-7 Dual Foot Switch
    Boss FS-7 Dual Foot Switch
    The BOSS FS-7 dual footswitch packs two switches into the same compact space as most single switches, while the innovative design makes it easy to only hit the switch you need. From switching channels on guitar amplifiers to starting and stopping sequencers and loopers, musicians at Sweetwater rely on BOSS footswitches every day. With dual outputs and compact, pedalboard-friendly size, the FS-7 is a smart solution. And with switchable polarity and momentary/latching operation, the BOSS FS-7 dual foot switch pedal is ready to work with virtually any piece of gear with a footswitch connection. Features: Dual latching footswitch, with switchable momentary/latching operation Switchable polarity for universal compatibility Requires 9V power supply, not included
    Regular Price: $74.50
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  • Expression Pedal Roland EV-5
    Expression Pedal Roland EV-5
    The EV-5 Expression Pedal is designed for use with keyboards or other Expression-compatible instruments and devices, providing a more dynamic performance. You can set the minimum volume to the level of your choice, thereby determining the maximum effect of the pedal.
    Regular Price: $99.99
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  • Effects Bass MXR M83 Chorus Deluxe
    Effects Bass MXR M83 Chorus Deluxe
    MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe Pedal Features: A remarkably versatile bass chorus effect with genuine bucket-brigade technology Separate bass and treble controls let you tune your effect to taste Choose between a glassy analog chorus effect or psychedelic vintage flanging X-Over (crossover) switch roll off the effect at 100Hz and below, clearing up your low end Internal switch lets you toggle stereo output (requires a 1/4" TRS to dual TS cable, not included)
    Regular Price: $242.85
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  • Effects MXR M135 Smart Gate
    Effects MXR M135 Smart Gate
    MXR M135 Smart Gate Pedal Features at a Glance: Noise gate pedal for electric guitar or bass Intelligent gating means the gate reacts slowly when you're holding sustained notes, and faster when your playing speeds up Variable threshold lets you control how much gating is taking place Three operation modes: Hiss for high-frequency noise, Mid for noisy guitar amps, and Full for wide-range signals and bass rigs Built to last
    Regular Price: $185.00
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  • Effects MXR M300 Reverb
    Effects MXR M300 Reverb
    MXR Reverb Pedal Features: Reverb effects pedal for electric guitar 6 reverb modes: Plate, Spring, Epic, Mod, Room, and Pad Use optional expression pedal (sold separately) to manipulate the Blend control Trails Bypass mode preserves your reverb tails Operates in either Mono or Stereo mode for interfacing with different gear Includes ECB003 9V power supply (this pedal cannot be powered by a battery)
    Regular Price: $285.70
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  • Effects DOD Distortion Gunslinger
    Effects DOD Distortion Gunslinger
    The pedal features Gain, Level, High and Low knobs as well as a true bypass circuit. It can be 9V or 18V-powered.
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  • Boss AD-2 Acoustic Preamp Pedal
    Boss AD-2 Acoustic Preamp Pedal
    Natural acoustic tones from your pickup The BOSS AD-2 Acoustic Preamp pedal easily does away with the quacky tone and harsh response of many acoustic-electric pickup systems. As you turn the Acoustic Resonance control you'll hear BOSS's advanced digital processing go to work, analyzing your guitar's input signal and responding the way an un-amplified acoustic guitar would. Far from a simple pre-programmed EQ, BOSS explains that the Resonance control "adjusts multiple parameters inside the AD-2 to achieve the perfect tonal balance for any style, from delicate fingerpicking to intense strumming." BOSS AD-2 Acoustic Preamp Pedal Features: Pedalboard-friendly acoustic-electric instrument preamp pedal Acoustic Resonance control adds a perfectly EQ'd warmth to your tone The Notch feature quickly and easily dials out problem feedback Ambiance adds a natural reverb into the signal Instrument- and Line-level outputs Rugged BOSS construction Compact dimensions fits easily on pedalboards Onboard mute
    Regular Price: $149.99
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  • Boss Bass Limiter Enhancer
    Boss Bass Limiter Enhancer
    The Boss LMB-3 has 4 knobs, and for the most part it leans towards a classic compressor control set. While some compressor pedals prefer ‘input’ or ‘sustain’ knobs that sets the threshold and/ratio parameters, if you grew up with old school rack unit compressor, you will feel right at home with this pedal.
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  • Boss BF-3 Flanger
    Boss BF-3 Flanger
    BOSS BF-3 Flanger New Ultra and Gate/Pan modes for ultra-fat flanging with very low noise Momentary mode turns flanging on instantly Tap-tempo adjustable via pedal Independent guitar and bass inputs and stereo outputs BOSS 5-year warranty
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  • Boss CH-1 Stereo Super Chorus
    Boss CH-1 Stereo Super Chorus
    The Essential Chorus Pedal The BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus pedal offers up classic clean and shimmering chorus tones - it's arguably the best-selling chorus pedal on the planet, and a stellar pick for any guitarist or keyboardist. The CH-1's four onboard controls let you take charge of your chorus sound - there are effect level, EQ, rate, and depth controls. Crank up the rate for a dizzying psychedelic twist - or, pull back the rate, turn up the depth, and use the BOSS CH-1 in stereo for a lush, wide wave. BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus Effects Pedal at a Glance: Classic chorus tones - from clean and shimmering to lush and dizzying Two outputs and a depth control, for a rich and tweakable stereo chorus sound BOSS guitar pedals: rugged, reliable, more than 10,000,000 sold
    Regular Price: $174.99
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  • Boss CP-1X Compressor
    Boss CP-1X Compressor
    BOSS CP-1X Compressor Pedal Features: Compression pedal featuring BOSS's Multi-Dimensional Processing Easy-to-read gain reduction indicator Classic BOSS comp pedal control layout 18-volt internal electronics offers high-headroom performance Works with optional 9-volt BOSS power supply
    Regular Price: $224.99
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  • Boss DD-3T Digital Delay Tap Tempo
    Regular Price: $219.99
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  • Boss DS-1 Distortion Effects Pedal
    Boss DS-1 Distortion Effects Pedal
    BOSS DS-1 Distortion Effects Pedal Features: Tone, Distortion, and Level controls Nominal Input Level: -20 dBu Input Impedance: 470 ohms Nominal Output Level: -20 dBu Output Impedance: 1 k ohms Equivalent Input Noise Level: -122 dBu (IHF-A, Typ.) Connectors: Input Jack, Output Jack, AC Adapter Jack (9V DC) Power Supply: 9V DC, either a Dry Battery 9V type or an AC Adapter Current Draw: 4 mA (9V DC) Accessories: Dry Battery 9V type (6F22/9 V) Optional AC Adapter - Roland PSA-120S 2-7/8" W x 5-1/8" D x 2-3/8" H Weight: 15 oz
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  • Boss GT-1 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor
    Boss GT-1 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor
    BOSS GT-1 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal Features: Guitar multi-effects packed into a compact floor unit Easy Select and Easy Edit functions make choosing and tweaking patches quick and easy Easy-to-read backlit LCD for keeping an eye on your parameters Assignable control switch and expression pedal for controlling your performance 24-bit converters and BOSS's proprietary Adaptive Focus method offer excellent sound quality Smooth, modern design fits easily in your gig bag 4 AA batteries provide up to 7 hours of playing time Download free ready-to-play patches from BOSS Tone Central
    Regular Price: $299.99
    On Sale For: $199.00
  • Boss ML-2 Metal Core Distortion
    Boss ML-2 Metal Core Distortion
    BOSS ML-2 Distortion Guitar Pedal Features at a Glance: Ultra-heavy distortion with sharp-edged attack for crushing metal riffs Low control for heavy, low-frequency sound a la 7-string guitar or dropped tuning High control for screaming, metallic tone Road-tough BOSS metal construction
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  • Boss NS-2 Noise Suppresspr Power Supply
    Boss NS-2 Noise Suppresspr Power Supply
    Compact noise suppression pedal for eliminating noise and hum in guitar and bass effects and amplifier setups Unique noise detection circuit preserves the natural attack and envelope of an instrument's sound Threshold and Decay knobs allow for shaping the elimination/suppression as desired BOSS 5-year warranty
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